Meet Davis Martin

Davis Martin -Youth Activities Consultant

Davis is a dedicated Youth Activities Consultant committed to bridging gaps in underprivileged communities by providing access to resources that are often inaccessible due to circumstances. A graduate of Tidewater Community College, Davis earned his Associates Degree in Small Business Management in December 2019.

Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Autism Studies and ABA Therapy, Davis is set to graduate in the fall of 2025. With 14 years of experience as a Youth Sports Coordinator and Summer Camp Counselor and Director, Davis brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. He now works in a public school setting, serving the special needs community.

Having successfully shaped healthy bonds, study habits, and instilled the values of teamwork and togetherness, Davis has transitioned to providing programs for youths aged 5 to 13, with plans to extend the age range to the early 20s. Beyond his professional endeavors, Davis enjoys writing, reading, and playing video games. He also finds solace in the midst of thunderstorms and heavy downpours, where his creative imagination is sparked.