Meet Jineane Shorter

Jineane Shorter -Curriculum Design

U. S. Coast Guard veteran and proud alumna of Norfolk State University, Jineane brings over 20 years of creative expertise to the realms of youth development, family programming, and instructional design.

Her journey has taken her through non-profit organizations, day camps, and after-school programs across Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.With 7 years dedicated to youth spaces within her local public library, Jineane spearheaded curriculum development and programming for children, teens, and their families. Today, Jineane wears the hat of a corporate trainer, infusing her expertise into curriculum design and instruction.                                              

Virginia is where she calls home, sharing life's adventures with her husband, Alan. In her moments of leisure, you'll find Jineane exploring new horizons and flavors alongside Alan, and creating cherished memories with her nieces, nephews, and godchildren. 

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Instagram: @jineanelatroy